Welcome to Frumist, where our commitment to E-Liquid excellence goes beyond standards – it's a pledge to redefine the vaping experience. When it comes to E-Liquid compliance, trust is our top priority, and that trust is earned through meticulous craftsmanship and unwavering dedication to quality.

Crafted in Precision: Our Manufacturing Process

All Frumist products are proudly British made and meticulously manufactured in our ISO 9001:2015 accredited clean room laboratory. Our commitment to strict testing and quality assurance regimes ensures that every E-Liquid we produce is of the highest calibre.

Safety Assured: TPD Compliance Made Easy

Navigating the complexities of TPD compliance can be time-consuming and confusing. At Frumist, we understand the value of your time. When you choose us for your E-Liquid needs, we offer to take care of TPD registration on your behalf. Select the TPD compliance option at checkout, and we handle the hassle, allowing you more time to focus on building your brand and connecting with your customers.

Transparency Matters: Safety Documents at Your Fingertips

We take product safety and transparency seriously. Each flavor in our extensive E-Liquid catalogue comes with readily available safety documents. These documents, including MSDS, Data Sheets, Order Process Information, and Label Templates, are accessible for free, providing you with the transparency and information you need.

Registered Excellence: Ingredients and Bottles

Frumist proudly boasts an E-Liquid catalogue featuring over 800 registered flavors, each crafted with registered ingredients that surpass industry standards. Our white label E-Liquids are free from banned additives, utilizing only approved ingredients to ensure TPD compliance. Plus, our bottles, supplied by Chubby Gorilla, are childproof, leak-resistant, and tamper-proof – a testament to our commitment to safety and quality.

Elevating Standards: Strict Testing and Quality Control

Our E-Liquids undergo rigorous testing and quality control in our ISO 9001:2015 accredited clean room laboratory. This commitment ensures that the E-Liquids you offer your customers are not only safe but also exemplify top quality, meeting and surpassing the highest standards in the industry.

Choose Frumist – where excellence is not just a promise, but a reality. Elevate your brand with E-Liquids that embody precision, safety, and an unwavering dedication to quality.