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Electronic Cigarettes and E Liquid

Frumist LTD was launched in 2012, successfully operating within the Electronic Cigarette and E Liquid industry.  Over the years the business has grown and developed itself as one of the leading brands in the UK.

The vision for Vaping

The goal was simple! Provide an alternative to smokers across the world by creating products which had the same feeling and taste of a regular cigarette, but eradicated the negative side effects.

After extensive market research and pain staking trial and error, we created a wide range of liquids so that we could cater to everybody’s individual tastes from exciting fruity flavours to traditional tobacco flavours. We wanted to come up with flavours of the highest standard so that your experience was as realistic as possible.

We take immense pride in our customer feedback and continually look to improve and adapt to their needs.

The benefits of Ecigs

  • Cheaper than smoking
  • Allows you to be more social
  • Healthier alternative smoking
  • Virtually odourless – No smoke smell
  • Unlike patches, they keep your hands occupied and replicate smoking

Differences between E Cigs and Cigarettes

Tobacco smoking has over 3000 chemicals such as carbon monoxide, tar, arsenic. Compare this to only a handful of ingredients used to make our E-Liquids which include water, nicotine, vegetable glycerine, propanol glycerine and food standard flavouring.

Smoking of one of our electronic cigarettes gives you a throat hit which feels similar to a normal cigarette, giving you an almost instant hit of nicotine. One of the most satisfying sensations on the market!

How we support our Electronic Cigarette & E Liquid Users

At Frumist we have an online support messaging service so we are always on hand to deal with your enquiries and any issues you have. We have built a reputation for quality service and quality products so why not begin your vaping journey today with us.

Our helpful and enthusiastic team go that extra mile to make sure our valued customers receive reliable products and are fully satisfied with our service.