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Electronic Cigarette UK



An electronic cigarette also known as Ecigs, E-Cigarettes is an electronic inhaler and an alternative to smoking. A heating element is used to vapourise a liquid solution which may or may not contain nicotine. Electronic cigarettes uk have revolutionized the smoking world where now traditional style cigarette are getting replaced with the electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarettes generally contain a number of different parts. These include a battery, clearomiser/ atomiser liquid  and a power source. Many electronic cigarettes are composed of streamlined replaceable parts, while disposable devices combine all components into a single part that is discarded when its liquid is depleted.

Most our electronic cigarettes contain a rechargeable battery which tends to be the largest component of an electronic cigarette. We have many different types of batteries available nowadays to our customers and range in different voltages, sizes and colours.

The atomizer is the central component. It generally consists of a small heating element responsible for vapourising the e liquid. We have many different types of atomisers now and in many different ranges, colours and size.

There are many advantages of using Electronic Cigarettes uk. It is cheaper than using traditional cigarettes hence saving you a lot of money. There are many less risks to your health and it is very simple to use allowing you to eradicate the fear of having smelly breath.

If you are looking for an alternative to smoking then there is no better option than electronic cigarettes. This is a type of cigarette that has the essence of the latest technology. Traditional cigarettes are well known to be the biggest killer in recent history and Cancer is the most common disease that comes with cigarettes. If we can reduce smoking then automatically cancer cases will get reduced. If we consider all advantages that are concerned with electronic cigarette uk then many things will come into consideration.

Better health: You would be aware of the fact that cigarette smoking cigarettes are a threat for the health. Many of the health problems arise from smoking are coming traditional cigarettes and are the biggest killers in recent history. Cigarettes have over 4000 carcinogens which include carbon monoxide.

Save Money: Electronic cigarettes are a cheap alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. Recent surveys have proved that by smoking electronic cigarettes you can potentially save thousands of pounds within the first few years.

Smell better- Scent from cigarette smoke gets into, and clings, to just about anything it comes in contact with – hair, clothes, your car – anything. Not only does the odor cling, many consider cigarette smell offensive and avoid close contact. If you’re a smoker, you don’t notice it so much since you’re immersed in it all of the time. To non-smokers, and especially ex-smokers, this smell is very noticeable.

One reason cigarette smoke smells so bad is because you’re burning tar and chemicals in addition to the tobacco itself. Properties from burning these substances make them cling to clothing, hair, walls, furniture, etc. E-cigarettes on the other hand do not have this ominous odor because instead of exhaling smoke, you’re exhaling a vapor that evaporates almost immediately. Customers and non-smokers/vapers report the smell from an e-cigarette to be either nonexistent or reminiscent of cotton candy or even pop tarts!!

Many doctors around the world have backed the electronic cigarette as an alternative to smoking.

If you are looking where to buy electronic cigarettes uk then look you have arrived in the right place, Frumist have a large selection of the the best electronic cigarettes stocked and ready to ship.

You must be eighteen (18) years of age to purchase any Frumist product Keep E Liquids & Cartridges out of reach from children
Nicotine in its pure form is a poison, and can cause harm

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